the range of our prints will be steadily widen up. So, from time to time have a look
about our new prints.

At the moment we have the trendy-line which you can see here.
Than we have our new cult-line which comes up on this website autumn 2008. 
And at last we have our luxury-line made of fine leather in a highprised range.

The frame is made out of light aluminium/powder coated. The bags are printed highresistant against heat/ water and UV and the material is a polyestermixture, like it is in use for advertising banners. 

The spezial daisy-wheels and the ergonomic grip is PA/ABS plastic

The Shopper can be adjusted to a comfortable length. The bag is detachable and with the comfortable strap  it can be carried over the shoulder

The colour of the wheels/grip you can choose out of  vanille/ coffee/ daisy-yellow/ grey


Trolley                                          Matchbag

Item.No: 101                                      Item.No.101 A
Model: Daisy                                       Model: Daisy

Item.No: 102                                     Item.No.102 A
Model: New York                                Model: New York

Item.No: 103                                      Item.No.103 A
Model: Paris                                        Model: Paris

Item.No: 104                                     Item.No.104 A
Model: 70s                                         Model: 70s



Item.No: 201
Modell Military- Camouflage