Inside dimensions of container:

Container type Length Width Height (Door height)
20’ Container 590cm 228 until 235cm 238cm (228cm)
40’ Container 1205cm 228 until 235cm 238cm (228cm)
40' High Cube 1205cm 228 until 235cm 268cm (258cm)

Secondhand container- Shippers owned/ CSC

If you want to export a used container ensure that container shows a valid CSC plate and you have an according certificate. Without this, we cannot accept and export the container. Please send us a digital picture of the plate and a copy of the certificate. We although sell you container 20' , 40' or 40' high cube at low prices.
If you have questions, please call us, we will be helpful.

Reefer container

During the loading of a chilled or frozen container, please verify that the coolsystem works. If the airing system is blocked the air cannot circulate. The result will be condensing and the humidity can damage the goods.

Picture1: The goods can only be loaded as marked inside the container.
Picture2: Please don't load goods under the iron bars.