< Schnelle Verbindung zwischen Asien und der Schweiz oder umgekehrt
09.11.2017 13:34 Age: 347 days

Fast connections between Asia / Switzerland and vice versa

More and more containers from and to Asia into Switzerland are routed via Genoa/La Spezia.

Why that?

1. It shortens the transport by ca 4000 km equivalent to 6 days transit.

2. After the escavation of the Suez Canal - bigger ships can pass - up to 18'000 TEU'S - 1 TEU = 1 x 20' box.

3. With Alp Transit the rail reduces again the connection time Genoa/La Spezia to and from Switzerland

4. The transit formalities in the Italian ports are as efficient as in the North.

5. From the Swiss point of view: the dependence to the North European ports is no longer though important.


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