< Plimsoll-Line und Solas
18.07.2016 16:19 Age: 2 yrs

Plimsoll-Line and Solas

Are very important terms in shipping. With the Plimsoll-Line or waterline the drafts of the ships are measured. Watching the line you can see whether the ship is empty, full or overloaded. The mathematician Archimedes furnished the basics for that calculation. Since 1874 the marking is law. (it is shown on the exterior of the ships and everybody can see it). Before that, many ships were overloaded and overinsured. When the ship sunk the shipping lines cashed enormously.

Solas (Safety of life at sea). Is an international convention for the securitya of life on board the ships. Since the 1st of July 2016 each container must be weighed before loading. In the past containers were overloaded and causing enormous damages.

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