Plimsoll-Line and Solas

Are very important terms in shipping. With the Plimsoll-Line or waterline the drafts of the ships are measured. Watching the line you can see whether the ship is empty, full or overloaded. The mathematician Archimedes furnished...[more]



We ship your cargo (personal belongings or commercial goods) in share or complete containers to Iran. Please ask for a free of charge quote! [more]


Vado Ligure - new containerport

Maersk - Line constructs a new port in the Savona area. By the end of 2017 or beginning 2018 the port will be operational. At the same time the connections to the Hinterland (Switzerland and South of Germany) will be improved. By...[more]


Panama Canal

Ships passing the Panama Canal are Panamax-ships, classified according to the size. 290 meters length, draft 12 meters. Normally the sizes are for containerships up to 4000 TEU's. The lock ship canal is now in the process of...[more]


6th August 2015 opens the new Suez Canal corridor

In future crossing of ships in the Suez Canal will be possible. The canal will have a draft of up to 20 meters. This will allow  ships with a length of 400 meters and 18'000 TEU's to pass. (1 TEU = 20' container) Therefore...[more]


Omani ports

The Omani Government is investing quite some money in new port infrastructures. Muscat is now only used for cruiser ships. Sohar All freight activities (container, ro/ro, etc.) were transferred from Muscat to Sohar. The port is...[more]



Various customers have expressed their satisfaction of our services in writing: Transportation Ticino / Houston. Thanks a million Beat! You made a very important part of my relocation very easy! Jason Temple Transportation...[more]



Barrel - king of packages. For 2000 years barrels were used for shipping and storing the goods (mainly valuables). The containerization and palletization changed all that. The barrels were easy to handle (shifting and storing)....[more]


From the Atlantic to the Pacific

Until now the Panama Canal has connected those seas. In future however the Nicaraguans will build together with the Chinese their own Canal from Punta Gorda via the river Brito at the Pacific coast. Length 278 kilometers. [more]


Shipped types of containers

According to the shipping lines there are now nearly 50% of 40' high cube containers (H.C.) of the total volume on ships. 30% are 20' box containers. The remaining lot consists of 40' box, flat racks, open tops, open sided. In...[more]

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